Getting Your Home Ready


CLEAN! CLEAN!  Have the carpet shampooed; wax the floors, wash the walls, windows, blinds, drapes and lighting fixtures. Consider engaging a cleaning service, recognizing that it is a justified moving expense. Make sure that there are no signs of pest infestation. Otherwise, get the service of a pest control company immediately.

KITCHEN AND BATHROOMS Clear off counter tops. Leave your canisters and little else. Maximize the available counter space. These rooms should be gleaming. If unsightly, have the tub re-caulked and remove mineral deposits and grime from the shower walls. Clean the stove, microwave and refrigerator.

PRIMARY STORAGE AREA Like the garage, its time has come to be liberated, Remember, you can do it now and benefit with a more attractive home on the market, or you can do it several months from now, in the process of moving when there is no advantage.  Do it now. Decluttering is an important part of selling and moving.

REPAIRS Identify and repair dripping faucets, sticking or creaking doors, etc. When people see areas of disrepair they begin to wonder whether there may be other unseen problems.

CLOSETS Remove out of season clothing. Organize your clothing and the shoes on the floor. Remove all clutter from cabinets and closets.

FURNITURE The less furniture, the larger a room appears to be.

A LIGHT APPEARANCE As a rule, do every- thing to lighten the appearance of the home. Raise the blinds, open the drapes and use light colors. Repaint any room beginning to look shabby.


Walk the property with a pad and pencil. List anything that you think is less than satisfactory without regard to cost or time. You can review the list afterwards to determine what you can and can ‘t repair

THE HOUSE Take a close look as you walk the property. Clean anything that looks unkempt or dirty; repair or replace anything that looks loose, dingy, rusted or broken. Make sure the door bell works. Replace a tired-looking mail box; clean the exterior light fixtures and wash the windows. Inspect your roofing. Try to spot hanging or rusty gutters, crooked antenna, loose shingles or shutters.

THE YARD Turn and weed the beds; trim the trees and shrubs. Lay in ground cover. Mend the fence, fix the gate latch. Pick up litter.

OUTDOOR FURNITURE Examine and spot paint your out door furniture. If it`s rusty or un-repairable consider disposing of the pieces.

FRONT ENTRY It’s the first thing your buyers see as they stand and wait for the door to open. It’s worth the extra effort to spruce it up.

THE GARAGE The time has come. Discard virtually everything in the garage that hasn’t been used for a year. Wash it down.

Think in terms of a home that is sparkling clean, uncluttered and spacious.