Residential Lease Application

Rental Application

  • Employment History

  • Are you a Student?
  • Are you Full time/Part time Student?
  • Do you receive financial contributions from your parent, guardian or other individual for the purpose of supplementing your income? Y / N
  • CO-SIGNER: If yes has been selected on Student Status or Financial Contributions, you must provide a Guarantor, that will assume financial obligations for your lease term in the event that you are unable to pay, also called a Co-Signer. Please complete a Co-Signer Addendum.
  • Residence History

    RESIDENCE HISTORY: List previous information about your past residences for last two (2) years.
  • Emergency Contacts

  • Vehicle Information

  • Important Information & Signature

  • A Security Deposit in the amount of $
  • Paid by applicant on
  • We will be refundable under the following conditions only:

    A. If the applicant changes his/her mind and notifies management by 5PM of the second working day after application has been officially approved (contact from management via phone or email); B. If management rejects this application; C. If there is a delay in delivery of possession by management and possession is not granted within seven (7) days of the stated move-in date. Management shall not be liable for damages for delay in possession.
  • My signature below authorizes Athens Best Rentals, LLC to check credit, income, rental history, and other references including reports through an information service agent. A photocopy or facsimile of my signature may also be used. I certify that all of the information above is true, complete, and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge.

Rental PDF Form

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